Insulation Contractor Oakville

Our company is a provider of insulation services in Oakville Ontario. We have been working hard in the Halton Region for over 5 years under our current company banner. 

As time has gone by our company has continuously evolved and we have increased the types of insulation we offer.  We can install fiberglass batts (rolls), spray foam and blown-in (loose fill) insulation into any type of property.

We can install the various forms of insulation we offer in any type of property whether it is a residential house, retail store, industrial facility or office space. The most popular places that we insulate within these structures are attics and interior walls. 

If need insulation and are not aware of which type you want for your property we can give your a free consultation and quote to complete the work. Use our online form or give us a call to set up the free quote.


    Who We Are

    Our business was started by Rory and Reece. They were both university students at the time and were running an insulation company during the school year to earn some extra money.

    As time went on the business started to gain serious traction and they decided after they graduated to run the insulation company full time. They began expanding the service offerings and integrated the insulation types that are considered the “industry standard”. 

    Insulation We Offer

    We offer fiberglass insulation installation to our customers in Oakville. This form of insulation is cost effective and the installation process can be done with a quick turn around.

    Spray Foam insulation is the newest form of technology that we offer in the Oakville area. This type of insulation has the most effective thermal resistance.  

    Blown-in insulation is a special type of insulation that we install in Oakville using a pneumatic system and a material called cellulose.

    Where We Install Insulation

    The most common area that we install insulation in Oakville is in attics. You can save on energy costs in the winter and summer if your attic is insulated correctly.

    We can insulate any type of retail, office and industrial space you own or lease. When can insulate any component of your space including mechanical components.

    Whether you need the walls or ceilings of your basement, garage, or any other room of your house we can help.

    Other Insulation Services

    If you have old or damaged insulation that has become ineffective we can remove it from your property. Its a dirty job that you will not want to do your self.