Blown-In Insulation Oakville

Blown-In insulation also known as loose-fill insulation is another form of insulation that we offer our customers in Oakville. This type of insulation is most popularly installed into attics and wall cavities.

What is awesome about this form of insulation is that if you have existing dry wall up and do not want to tear it down it can still be installed assuming their is no existing insulation in place.

This type of insulation is installed by using a pneumatic system commonly known as a blower. It pulls insulation from a truck  or trailer through a hose and is then blown into place.


Where We Install Blown-in

What It Is Made Of

There are two main types of blown-in insulation; cellulose and fiberglass. The type of blown-in insulation that we most commonly use is cellulose. The reason why we recommend this form of blown-in is because it has a slightly higher R-Value then the fiberglass blown-in insulation. Cellulose is made of recycled paper which consists largely of newsprint. It is treated with borate in order to make the insulation fire and mold resistant. As a result of its material make it it is considered Eco-friendly  because it is made from recycled paper. If you are going to get blown-in insulation installed we recommend you to go with cellulose.

Benefits of Cellulose Blown-In Insulation

Do Not Make This Mistake

Blown-in insulation will work perfectly for your home in Oakville but if you are thinking about installing it into your attic we HIGHLY recommend that you have us air seal the space before we install the insulation. It is insanely common for people and insulation contractors to skip this step and it results in a lower energy savings. The holes and cracks in your attic must be sealed to create a maximum cost saving benefit. It will cost more up front but over time the investment makes financial sense.

What You Need To Do:

If you are interested in learning more about our blown-in insulation services we recommend reaching out to us and the process will typically follow these steps: