Fiberglass Batt & Roll Insulation Oakville

The first type of insulation that we offered under our company name was fiberglass insulation. We started installing fiberglass batt insulation in Oakville homes an commercial properties around 5 years ago. It is still a popularly requested service.

The reason why fiberglass insulation is the most popular form of insulation you will find is because of its price and simplicity. This type of insulation is mass produced from spinning glass which gives it a favourable cost.

Batts and Rolls also come in the form of mineral wool insulation. We also install this type of batt insulation as it offers its own unique benefits separate from fiberglass.

Despite this insulation not requiring any specialized machines for installation we do not recommend installing it your self. The installation requires more then just hand bombing these fluffy rolls into place.

If you want fiberglass or mineral wool insulation batts installed into your existing or new home in Oakville we can provide a free quote and consultation.

Types of Batt Insulation We Install


Fiberglass insulation is made from spun glass fibers and other chemicals. It is the most common type of insulation that you will find in buildings across Ontario. Below is a list of the reason why fiberglass is popular choice of insulation: 

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool is gaining popularity among home owners and custom home builders because it offer superior qualities to fiberglass. It is made from recycled spun slag from the mining industries that is mixed with other materials. See list below for the benefits that mineral wool provides:

Types of Properties We Recommend for This Product

One of the major benefits of fiberglass batt/roll insulation is that it can installed into any space. This means that regardless of which type of property you own there is some sort of application for this form of insulation. It can be installed into:

Where We Can Install Batts and Rolls

Steps on How to Get the Process Rolling